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On the first working Monday of every month (Monday is one of my busiest days) I will donate the daily income of Chocolate Tortoise to a selected charity, and post to this blog detailing the charity chosen. This blog is not intended to tell the world how generous I am. I am less generous than many people. The blog is intended to firstly log who I have donated to, and secondly to hopefully inspire others to do the same, or similar. For more information, see my first post.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

March 2018 - Dignity in Dying

I've decided to give another monthly donation to the charity Dignity in Dying, which is fighting to get a change in the UK law to allow for assisted dying in certain circumstances. They are supporting the legal fight by Noel Conway, who is suffering with a terminal disease and wants to be able to die in dignity at a time of his choosing.
If I were in his position, I would want exactly the same. We need to support people like Noel so that the law can be changed so that others can benefit in the future.

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