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On the first working Monday of every month (Monday is one of my busiest days) I will donate the daily income of Chocolate Tortoise to a selected charity, and post to this blog detailing the charity chosen. This blog is not intended to tell the world how generous I am. I am less generous than many people. The blog is intended to firstly log who I have donated to, and secondly to hopefully inspire others to do the same, or similar. For more information, see my first post.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

April 2014 – Valgray’s Border Collie & Animal Rescue

The charity chosen to receive the donation in April 2014 is Valgray’s Border Collie & Animal Rescue.

Valgrays was established in 1978, is based in Warlingham, Surrey and focuses on rescuing and rehoming Border Collies.

As the owner of a bc myself, I know how much effort they can take, but how rewarding they can be when you have a happy, healthy dog.


Some information from their website:

Valgrays Border Collie Rescue Site 

Border Collie's are such special dogs, they deserve special owners

  • Please take a look at all of our deserving dogs and see if a small space can be found in your house for one of them, as they will surely take up a huge space in your heart when they arrive.  

  • Collie's need education and usually like a 'job' to keep them 'sane'. 

  • Some of the collies Valgrays have would be suitable for all fields of dog sports and hobbies;   Agility, Obedience, Flyball, Working Trials, Extreme Walking etc,  but the most important thing is that they are a loved and well cared for pet.

  • When you get a collie and find a new hobby then you will be amazed at the new friends you will make along the way.

  • All the Border Collies offered here have been assessed and all will be wormed and microchipped before going to their new homes. 

  • Neutering will be done according to the age of the dog involved.

  • Valgrays is a 'tiny' rescue based around Val's own property, we pride ourselves on being small and personal.

  • Valgrays relies totally on donations to keep rescuring these dogs - please help us to keep helping them .. please donate if you are able (see 'To donate/help')

  • We have many donate buttons throughout this site so please be kind with pennies and pounds - it will help us to help mans best friend. Thank you.,
  • Romanian appeal....please donate and help this terrible situation...we will do everything we can to support and bring back some of these poor dogs to give them a better life.