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On the first working Monday of every month (Monday is one of my busiest days) I will donate the daily income of Chocolate Tortoise to a selected charity, and post to this blog detailing the charity chosen. This blog is not intended to tell the world how generous I am. I am less generous than many people. The blog is intended to firstly log who I have donated to, and secondly to hopefully inspire others to do the same, or similar. For more information, see my first post.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

November 2016 - Give a Dog a Home

This charity was recommended to me by good friends of ours.

This charity rescues dogs from countries on the continent who have, let's say, a less caring attitude towards animals, and where there are many strays and abused animals. They then rehome them in the UK, focusing on London and the South East.


October 2016 - British Hen Welfare Trust

I spotted an advert for this charity in my vets. As a vegetarian of over 30 years, one of the reasons I gave up meat was the intensive battery farming for eggs that was prevalent in the 70s and 80s. Luckily those methods have been banned in the UK for a while now, but still happen elsewhere in the world, and even though intensive battery farming methods are no longer legal in the UK, many methods are still, in my view, cruel. Even Free Range eggs can be produced using only slightly better conditions (but any step in the right direction is a bonus!). For those that may be interested, Organic have far better welfare standards.

Image result for british hen welfare trust

The British Hen Welfare Trust promote better conditions in the egg industry, and rehome hens that are retired, or rescued, from the industry, saving them from slaughter.


A number of my clients have rehomed ex-battery hens. They are happy and healthy and it is always good to see them pecking around when I visit.

September 2016 - Men in Sheds

The Men in Sheds project was started in Australia, and is a means for elderly men to be able to get together and socialise, and maybe to turn their hand to a new skill in woodworking, or to teach others what they already know.

The idea has spread around the world, and there are a number of groups that have been set up in the UK, including a successful group that has been running a few years in Caterham.

A new group is just being set up in Oxted, co-ordinated by the Woodhouse Centre.

It's an excellent idea, giving a focus to many people later in life and providing a much needed place to socialise and be around others with similar interests.

This month's donation has been given towards the setting up of the group, in the hope that enough volunteers and members can come forward to make the idea a reality.